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About Us

RJR is an acronym for Roger Adams, Jerry Howard and Ricky Adams – three schoolmates who decided that it was their lot to band together for life in order to have “A whole lot of good clean fun.”

But the acronym may well have stood for Run J’Ouvert Right because over the years the organization has taken J’Ouvert revellers to higher heights.


It all started to come together in 1992 when they started their good clean fun with two fetes at the Sugar Mill Inn called Flex and Reflex. Then in 1994 or thereabouts, there was a big boat ride.

Since then there have been a few more fetes and a few more boat rides. However it was in 1997 when they decided to “taint” the good clean fun of J’Ouvert with the birth of a body paint band called Blue. The band was an instant success with the young people and so followed with Green in 1998 and then in 1999, Purple Rain.

The flood of followers and colors came in 2000 with Colors 2K – a celebration of J’Ouvert at the turn of the Century. In 2001, Kingstown saw a tidal wave with our band SplashAfter going skywards in 2002 with Cloud 9, In 2003, RJR Ran J'Ouvert Red with RED Dawn. In 2004, they introduced Mud Mas to SVG with Mud N Kolors, and in 2005 they simply were swamped with happy faces in Smile Orange. Ten years of good clean fun culminated in Diamonds RJR Forever.

RJR sat out of the festival in 2007, but returned in 2008 with a big  presentation RED DAWN—Nu Vibe! In 2009 , it was a  J’ouvert of PURE fun, and in 2010, the streets were filled with revellers in  HOT PINK ’n KOOL BLU!

Over the years, RJR has worked with several of SVG’s leading entertainers, including Poorsah, Kevin Lyttle, Blaksand, Hottsand, Skinny Fabulous, Zoelah, Danny Olliviere, Kyron Baptiste, Skarpyon, Full Clip, Icon, Bomani, Galanaire, and Two Kool Chris.

As with any organization that has been around for nearly twenty years, there have been personnel changes over time, and we have been privileged over the years to have had invaluable contributions from Stephen Huggins and Dick McLeish. In 2010, Leteisha joined as Events Supervisor, and sadly, Roger has retired from carnival as of 2011. In all of this, RJR keeps going from year to year, and growing from strength to strength, thanks to the consistent support of the committed RJR family.

And for 2011, we will be logging on to FACEBOOK for J’Ouvert.